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Residential Heating Oil and Propane Services

Providing complete residential propane and heating oil services since 1952, Baker Petroleum is your leading residential energy provider.

Whether you're in need of propane or heating oil for your home, Baker Petroleum has the resources necessary to meet your needs.

For customers who already have propane or heating oil services from another provider, and are interested in switching to Baker Petroleum. Please contact us today.


If you are building a new home, or remodeling an existing home we can supply you with clean burning propane for heat, clothes drying, hot water, cooking and emergency generator. Our service technicians can install the gas piping inside of your home and install propane tank(s) based on your usage requirements.

Our new construction and remodel services include:

  • Install gas piping
  • Bury underground propane tank or install above ground tank
  • Propane hot water heater sales and installation
  • Vented and unvented gas log fireplaces
  • Fireplace installation and maintenance

For more information and a complete listing of the water heaters and fireplaces we offer, check out our resources page. We also offer some tips on how to save energy in your home.


We also offer customers a variety of delivery types to suit your needs. You can choose between, Automatic delivery, Scheduled, or Will Call.

Automatic delivery customers can rest easy knowing that we are watching your tanks level and will make deliveries as needed depending upon the temperature and your usage.

Customers are also welcome to request scheduled deliveries where we can make deliveries at a set interval to your home throughout the year.

Customers can also call when they are ready to have fuel delivered. We ask that you allow us 4 business days to complete the delivery from the time you place the order.


We also have a variety of payment options designed to make paying easier than ever. We've been serving the Sussex and Kent County area for over 60 years - contact us today for more information about our residential services and to find out what makes Baker Petroleum the area’s leading energy provider.

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