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Baker Petroleum Budget Plan and Price Cap

We at Baker Petroleum would like to thank you for your continued patronage. We also would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we offer a price cap program and a pre-purchase plan that can help save you money this heating season. In addition, we offer budget payment plans that will give you a fixed monthly payment, helping you avoid large or unexpected heating bills during the winter.

Please see below for the details of the payment options and give us a call at 302-645-7000 if you would like learn more. Again, we thank you for your patronage and look forward to continuing to serve you.

To see pricing for the below plans, please enter your Baker Petroleum account number:

Our price cap plan for propane and heating oil offers customers the best of both worlds. For a small enrollment fee you can place a cap on your propane and heating oil price for the upcoming season. Your price can not go above the cap, but if prices drop you will always pay the lower price! Price Cap Program ends 9/30/20.

Enrollment Fee: $59
Price cap price (leased propane tanks): $2.39
Price cap price (heating oil): $2.15

Baker Petroleum customers have until 9/30/22 to sign up for our price cap program. For a small enrollment fee you can place a cap on your propane per gallon price. Until 9/30/22 the price per gallon, including all discounts cannot go above the capped price, but if the price drops, you will pay the lower price. To be eligible you must use more than 300 gallons per year.

Baker Petroleum customers have until 9/30/22 to purchase propane for the upcoming heating season. Customers must purchase a minimum of 500 gallons of propane to be used between the enrollment date and 4/30/23.

Pre Purchase price (leased propane tanks): $2.59

Baker Petroleum customers can sign up for our 11 month budget program. The budget divides your annual propane or heating oil usage into 11 equal payments. Enrollment for the budget ends 8/31/22.

***Use the form on the right to calculate your payment.

How the Baker Petroleum Budget Plan Works:
We determine the amount of your monthly bills by estimating your heating costs for the coming year. We look at how much propane or heating oil you have used in each of the last two years (if that information is available) to estimate how much you will use in the coming year. We then use our best estimate of average heating oil costs for the year ahead to arrive at an estimated total cost.

We multiply the number of gallons we estimate for you by the average price we anticipate to arrive at an estimated total cost. This gives us a total estimated cost for the year, and we divide that by 11 months to arrive at your monthly payment amount.


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